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Eric Swedberg has slowly grown overbooked on artistic soapstone work and design in his free time (mostly late spring, summer and early fall).  All of his work is done by hand or with a simple belt sander, 4 1/2 grinder and a custom worm-drive wet saw in a little, outdoor work area behind his garage.  He has become very talented with poly-resin epoxies (stronger than soapstone) and using smaller pieces to create sinks and tops with character.

In real life, he has an M.A. in Spanish and Latin American Literature and teaches Foreign Languages.  He is also in his 13th year as the Head Baseball Coach.


Phone:  508-826-9981

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8 thoughts on “Contact information

  1. Hi Eric. I love your site! Bravo to you for restoring these old sinks. We have a double one in our 1880 Victorian in Wilton NH, and have for years done all the dishes in it — we put a very large stainless bread bowl on the shallow side (wash) and a rack with double utensil holders in deep side (dry). It’s a fine system except that when we have company we are ding epic dishes…So we are finally breaking down and installing a dishwasher in a center island, replacing the old kitchen table that’s there now.. We are looking to make a large island, so that we can still sit around it, and soapstone would be our fist choice, since I am a pie maker, and stone is an excellent pastry making surface. Is it possible to get a whole piece of soapstone that is maybe 34″ x 70+ inches? doesn’t have to be thick.

    susan childress
    wilton NH

  2. Hi there! I adore your products! I’m looking for a bathroom sink, rectangular, 32″ by 16″.. Do you have one like that in stock? Or may I commission one? Thanks so much!! Best regards, Jenine Beck

  3. Eric is a talented craftsman with attention to detail and excellent and fair businessman. Someone you can trust and do business with. You will definitely be satisfied with the end product.

  4. Hi,
    Im looking to buy soapstone for my kitchen. Would like to look at your inventory. I live in western Mass.
    Thank You,
    Scott Hathaway

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