Please note that, although we specialize in soapstone, Artistic Soapstone. Inc. has stone brokerage access to any material all over the northeast.

Basic pricing info:

Licensed and insured consultation, template and install:  our current rate on most soapstone is between $105 to $115 per square foot based on size of project and cost of specific soapstone.  We always strive to provide an all in one price that includes consultation, design, templating, install, edge polishing up to 1/4 inch round and tax.  We are happy to provide square foot estimates on any other materials as well, such as granite, marble, quartz and quartzite.  It is helpful to provide a basic sketch of your project with dimensions to formulate a most accurate square foot cost.

DIY Cut to size/polish:   most new stock materials, counter width, will cost a client about $75 sq. ft. depending on size and color.  This cost includes design consultation, fabrication and finishing ready for field installation by a customer, contractor, cabinet maker, carpenter or plumber (sink).  Soapstone will typically cost a fabricator at least $30 sq. ft. just to buy a slab at the stock yard.  Then of course it must be transported, cut, finished.  Because of the soft nature of the stone there is excessive risk of breakage/loss/waste of stock due to an unusable or unstable vein and much more care must be taken than that of granite, marble, quartz, etc.  Here is a 2-year old forum on pricing:  Forum on pricing

More good info:  Why soapstone?

Sink restoration: ranges from $300-400 depending on size, modifications and drain re-sizing etc.  This is my favorite thing to do!

Sink fabrication:  generally a $400 fabrication/design fee plus cost of materials ($75 sq ft for new stock).    Additional modifications and features may cost more.  A 30 X 19 X 9 1/4 (8 inches deep) will cost about $850 depending on materials.

Counter tops:  $50-$65 sq ft.  Pricing will vary if you wish to provide your own material and size of piece (in the form of an old sink, etc.)  june 2011 067 valery wey sink 008 (2) counter top 1

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