42x 24 single basin with restored antique drain

This is the nicest sink I’ve restored.  Before and after pics.  I made sure the whole thing was clean and then brought to 200+ grit then sealed with black silicone the with oil,  My own 100 year old refinished all brass drain too.  This is high-end Alberene stone. Yes, it’s the sink below in the blog under “Ooh what will this look like”?  covered in lead paint etc.  Thanks.  Eric, 508 826 9981.


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Finally…my own soapstone sink!

There’s a saying in Spanish that I really like that my neighbor from Ecuador told me one day as he watched me work:  “Casa de herrero, cuchillo de palo.”  He knew that I still hadn’t taken the time to put in my own sink.  “House of blacksmith knife of wood.”  The sink is 32 1/2 X 19 and is 7 inches deep.  I put it in the existing cabinetry It’s made of about 11 pieces of scrap.  I chose to put the drain in the back right so we had more room in the sink.  Shown at various stages, with and without oil.   103104099080083107